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Friday, April 21, 2017

Because I am the youngest...

People go out of their way to make me happy when I am sad. 

I get into my sisters toys and she lets me. 

I sit on the table and mess with library books. 

I sneak outside and everyone thinks it's cute.

I chew on pens and draw in books and everyone forgives me. 

I get to eat a snack even when it is almost dinner time. 
There is always someone around to keep me company.

I constantly have fun things to play with. 

I love to stand in my rocking chair backwards and everyone thinks it's so funny and cute. 

I always get my way

Even if that means messing up someone's Latin homework

Or eating enormous cookies. 

I can climb on any chair to mess up someone's desk.

I don't need shoes to go to Walmart on a chilly day.

I can sucker-punch my brother.

I get to have great hair for crazy hair day at LMCA

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