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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Malcolm

It was the day Malcolm has been counting down to for months! His birthday finally arrived! He insisted we all get up early so he would have time to open presents before school.

The Lego set he's been wishing for! 

Grammy sent Malcolm his own quilt! He has admired his sibling's quilts and longed for his own, and now his wait is over! It's a beautiful one as well!

Malcolm's menu wishes were sweet buns for breakfast, biscuits and gravy for lunch, and Miss Ronni's Book Club Mac and cheese for dinner. We had to bump the biscuits and gravy to Saturday because of school. Thankfully I am blessed with amazing friends, and Ronni thought nothing of me dropping off my crockpot and Mac and Cheese ingredients for her to prepare. And her with a broken ankle!!!

Malcolm is not a big fan of cake, and he wanted a sundae bar for his dessert. His selected toppings were Sour Patch Kids, Whoopers, Jelly Belly's, Nerds, chocolate chips, and various syrups. 

Malcolm still adores Evie. Even when she's sticky from ice cream. 

I can't believe my little man is six. What a challenging delight the last six years have been!

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