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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Evelyn!

On February 21, our little Evie turned one!

Look at this darling chair and balloon from her BFF at LMCA Bruce!!!

Time for presents! Of course Margaret and Malcolm were equally as excited as Evie!

A beautiful cross-stitch from Miss Diane!

This sweet handmade doll! The first thing Evie did was pull it's hair!

A brownie cupcake with one little candle. 

Oh my goodness! What is this delightful treat!

She immediately shoved most of it in her mouth. Probably afraid someone else would want a bite!

"Only one? There's a whole plate over there. Why do I get only one? Did I just hear someone else ask for seconds? What about meeeeee!"

On another note, Evelyn has learned to wave when she sees me coming. It's currently a frantic "shoot the arm up and wiggle the fingers and squawk loudly for fear she won't notice me" maneuver. She then follows it by a sad wail and a hard stare to help seal the deal. Cutest thing ever. 

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