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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Friday Night

We are in a bit of a lull here between kid's activities and so we've had a couple weeks in a row with Friday nights just at home, just us. It's been a nice way to regroup as a family and really just see where the evening takes us. 

Sometimes the best nights turn out to be the ones that we really do nothing but hang out together. 

Evelyn found a lot of enjoyment playing with an empty Amazon box. 

Malcolm has used some old shoe laces to tie the piano bench and a chair together to make a trap.

It's so fun having teens in the house. They are still playful and fun with each other and the siblings, but at the same time able to actually be present with the grown ups on a much more equal level. 

These snowmen were created by Malcolm and Margaret at the back-to-school fun night last week. Miss Diane took them because Michael and I were both gone that evening. They both had a great time. 

On Sunday we had spring-like weather and so Margaret was able to wear one of her birthday outfits from Grammy. 

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