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Friday, August 5, 2016

Lake Edinboro

Our yearly trip to Lake Edinboro was a huge success. Seven families were able to attend.

We headed north early and spent the day at Presque Isle where we stumbled upon free sailboat rides. 

We just made it onto the water when there was thunder and the rides were suspended. Lucky break for us!

At the cabins there were always willing baby holders. 

She likes the cabins!

Lots of time was spent on the water. 

The babies are getting to know each other. 

The whole gang. 

The moms. 

Ice cream has become a tradition. Malcolm got a second before he even finished his first. Being at the lake means we relax the rules quite a bit. 

Volleyball has become an annual tradition. This year folks from other cabins joined in as well. 

Oops! Too much camping fun!!!

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