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Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 1 is done

We have gotten through the first day of both traditional school and homeschool. Although LMCA doesn't start until next week, the older boys got started with our non-LMCA subjects today at home. 
They both LOVED their day. Malcolm claims he made no friends, while Margaret says she made lots of friends. She said at one point that one of her teachers said she would separate her and her desk mate if they continued to chat so much!💜 A girl after my own heart! Both said recess was their favorite part of the day. Both came home with impossible wishes for their lunch boxes (hot lunches but brought from home, not purchased) and both forgot to purchase milk in the cafeteria. This of course reminded me that I forgot to send the money for milk. 
Homeschool was filled with its usual beginning of the year ups and downs like computers not working for math and grumbling about workloads and chores. 
We will have ups and downs all year, but I am grateful to at least have the first day successfully completed. 
Long Island iced tea is the best way to celebrate day 1 of 180 completed. We're doing this! Let the adventure begin!

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