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Monday, March 7, 2016

Random Items

Isaac at school. Only two and a half months until the end of sixth grade!!! Oh geez. Where does the time go?!?! It seems like only yesterday we were trying to decide if sending him to school was the best option. Now after three years he's almost done!

Henry observing his worm bin. An LMCA-science assignment. Did I mention that sometimes the worms get out? Yuck!!!

A fantastic duplo castle. Margaret is so compliant and will play with Malcolm no matter what the activity is. She is definitely a great big sister. 

A conversation overheard and recorded by James: 
Henry: "I have the sword of MIGHT!"
Malcolm: "Yaaaaah!"
Margaret: "I am unpredictably powerful!"
Malcolm: "Yaaaah!"
Henry: "Now, I'll throw this, and if it hits you, you die. If it hits your clothes, you don't."
Malcolm: "Now are you gonna do the fire thing?" What are you gonna do?"
Henry: "Now I killed the eagle."
Malcolm: "Yaaaah!"
Margaret: "I only have one weapon, but I'm pretty good at it."
Henry: 'Now your sword is a little burned."
Malcolm: "Yaaaaah!"

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