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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I believe that Daylight Savings Time was invented by government officials who hate families with small children. There can be no other reason to inflict this kind of misery on parents who are already beyond tired. 

The following conversation occurred while walking the streets in Washington DC:

Girl: "Does it cost money to change your name?"
Me: "Yes, I am sure it does."
Girl: "Well I am never going to do that!"
Me: "You might someday. I changed my name when I got married."
Girl: "What?!?!"
Me: "Yes, I wanted the same name as you kids and Papa, so I changed my name. Why do you think Grammy and I don't have the same name anymore?"
Girl: "Wait... your name used to be Grammy?"

This is the same girl who during a very long stretch of walking asked, "How long until we meet George Washington?"

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