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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Sledding

Much to the disappointment of the kids, we haven't gotten a ton of snow this year. When we do get decent snowfall, we generally try to go sledding out at St. Vincent. 

Michael built Isaac a little ramp and we brought it with us to the slopes. 

Oh! But wait! The college kids beat us at our own game. Using a long table they have constructed a ramp as well.

The consensus was that it hurts when you land. Plus, the table was getting pretty beat up, so we decided not to risk it anymore. 

Why the sad face? Because he didn't get to go off the ramp like the big boys. 

But he does get to go down the hill on a ski sled. So life is still good.

One little girl had fun without going off any jumps.

But the brothers weren't too sure that would be fun at all. 

Neither was the papa. 

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