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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Best

I arrived home last night after sewing to shrieks of delight and hugs and kisses. "I've missed you sooo much!" "I was hoping you would be home to say goodnight!" "I'm lonely when you're not here!" These all coming from the same children that I had just seen five hours earlier. These same children who had only been in the house two hours without my presence (Wednesdays at LMCA are a ten-hour day for my kids). 

It warms my heart that these kids love me so much. Even when I am short on time for them, or patience, or too scatterbrained to give them my attention, their devotion to me remains unchanged. Through some kind of grace, they see through the stress and chaos and focus on the happiness and love.

Maybe we were all like that as children and then, somewhere along the way, things changed. Grown-up life is busy, stressful, and messy. Grown-up life is hard. 

A friend recently returned from a meeting for a program her child was in. She was really moved when the speaker said, "You are all doing the best that you can." 

When she told me this story, I was moved by the power behind those simple words: "You are doing the best that you can." 

And I believe that I am. I may not be living the way I thought I would be. I don't always have a smile ready and I don't always welcome the chaos in this house. I read other blogs and cringe when I realize how much more so-and-so's kids are getting. How much more that gal is able to be the superstar mom that I always thought I would be. 

But those gals are not me. Those kids are not mine. What I've got is better. It may not look like much, but it's mine. Through some kind of grace, I am doing more than getting by. I am doing the best that I can. 

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