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Friday, November 7, 2014

Quick Takes

Isaac did this awesome project on the history of ships.

Speaking of Isaac, that kid got one A-, five A's, and two A+ 's on his report card. We are all beyond impressed with this kid.
The instructors all pooled their money and we bought a Keurig for LMCA. It's about the best thing to ever happen to my LMCA morning. My kids, who aren't well-versed in all thing coffee, stated, "Wow. We are really becoming professional. We now have a coffee-making machine at LMCA!"
The other night at supper, Margaret went into a long dialogue about how Michael and I are way better than her math book. If we got lost, she would be really sad. If her math book got lost, she's be okay with that.
It was snowing here earlier. No joke. I am still waiting for the season called summer that apparently forgot to hit Western PA this year.
Since it was indeed snowing, I may be forced to actually get out the jackets for the kids. I really have been holding out to see if we could squeeze just a little longer out of the hoodies, which fit on the coat rack so much better than all the puffy nonsense of winter coats.
Henry thought we should get out the snow pants and boots as well. Just in case. I'm afraid I am going to have to draw the line on that one. I can tolerate the puffy coats taking over my entry room. I am not ready for the onslaught of all things winter. I haven't had time to fully enjoy my Fall yet!
Please keep saving those Box Tops for Education. We earned just over $70 for LMCA this Fall. We would like to buy microscopes for the science program using the Box Tops. Email me and I'll send you my address.

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