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Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick Takes and Random Thoughts

A whole bunch of families skipped the Homeschool Teen Dance last week and we all went to the movies instead. It was fun to change things up and the change in events meant that siblings younger than 12 could join in the fun as well. Afterwards we grabbed frozen yogurt at Mr. Toppins. It was just so-so. Sweet Frog is still our favorite.
Two weeks ago an electrical surge hit our house and I lost two sewing machines and Isaac's iPod got fried as well. The power company and various electricians have been by several times and I think things are okay now. The power company is still supposed to do something with the damaged pole out back, but the house is back to tip-top shape.
The machines themselves can be repaired, but to the tune of almost $1000. Yuck!

Trick or Treat is this weekend for our town. It is such a big community event. The kids are beyond excited.
We told Malcolm he could not have pasta again until he potty trained. It's been over a week now. He still isn't potty trained, but his behavior has improved tremendously as well as his horrible diapers. There might be something about this I need to look into.  
Between a school-going child, three LMCA kids, a preschooler who will not potty train, my life is pretty full right now. But not a too-full kind of full. A 'just-right' kind of full. It feels good.

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