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Friday, September 19, 2014

Quick Thoughts

Malcolm started Step Up last week. He is my only one doing the program.
The biggest thing is, despite my best efforts, the kid still isn't potty-trained. There might actually be some other issue going on here. We've moved beyond parental laziness to "What the heck?"
Thankfully, at Step-Up Michael is in his office two floors up so if Malcolm does need a change, he can get down there ASAP.
My kids all hold their pencils wrong to write. They use their right hand, but hold their pencils like a lefty. I have tried to break them of this and have never succeeded. Michael does the same thing so maybe it's a losing battle.
Margaret has decided that all my spider plants are girls. Because, hey, they are.
Speaking of Margaret, she told me yesterday that I am drunk a lot at school, but that's okay, no one minds. When I asked her why she thought this, she said because we often stop at the gas station to get my drink on the way. Ah-ha.
Do you own this amazing toy?
Symphony in B Music Toy
If we could only own two toys, this would be number two. It is without a doubt one of the best toy investments we have ever made. It's probably best for the under 5 crowd, but even the older boys will sit and mess around on it. Amazon has it for under $50 right now. I am not getting anything for promoting this item. It's just that awesome.
Number one toy of course would be Legos. Of course.
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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What is that amazing toy? There isn't a link and clicking on the picture doesn't take me anywhere. :)