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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quick Thoughts

1. I wish I had a bunch of powerful and moving thoughts to share with you this week, but hey, I'm all out. My life is busy and truthfully, probably isn't that interesting to those outside of my house.
2. LMCA is going smoothly. My kids are loving it and that makes all the work it takes a little easier to manage.
3. We have a Saturday at home and besides lesson planning and facebook trolling I am putting up some freezer meals for this Fall. Michael is making lard. Fun times.
4. This picture popped up on our screen saver this morning and it so perfectly describes my life right now that I don't need to post another word about it:
April 2012
5. I have a friend in labor with her sixth boy. That's right. She is about to join the half-dozen boys club! Totally awesome.
6. Speaking of babies, I got to hold a 24 hour old newborn on Thursday. Outside of graduate school when we got to do newborn assessments in the hospital, I think that she was the youngest baby (outside of my own) that I have held. She was so precious.
7. Folks often ask, but we have no new adoption news. We are still waiting for the perfect daughter to join our family. She'll come on her own time.

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