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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quick Thoughts

A little blurry, but you can definitely see how much pride he has in his work.
1. LMCA started this week with almost double the number of students we had from last year and more than double the number of teachers.
2. We are still renting the same space, although it is a little more snug than last year. Somehow we will make it work.
3. First days are just that: First. More kids, more teachers, but we are figuring it out.
4. One of the moms at LMCA was saying how she was raving about our program to a relative in Connecticut, and the relative liked the sound of our program so much that she looked for something similar in her area. She found Regina Caeli Academy, which is a program led by one of my friends from Atlanta. What a small world!
5. Soccer games start this weekend.
6. You ever get that feeling like one more thing and you're going to lose it? Yeah, me either.
7. Congrats to my niece on choosing a new major. College is such an exciting time.

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