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Thursday, July 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes & 5 Random Thoughts

You're getting these a day early on account of the holiday. You can thank me later.
We had a bad smell in our entry room for about a month. As the weather got hotter, the smell got more noticeable. It was never overpowering, but it was always there. Figured out it was a season's worth of dirty soccer socks, stored neatly in the shoe bin with the soccer cleats. Guess the boys never thought they were important enough to wash. And I never noticed because... because they are soccer socks!
We have a summer to-do list around here and have gotten a good start on many of the projects.
Shelf above the back door.

Margaret's room painted purple and we down-sized her to a twin size bed. I painted the bottom half of the red bunk bed.
The sewing room/office is painted the same purple. I still have to choose the floor material. Your suggestions are welcome.

We scored a nice "new to us" desk off craigslist. Waste not, want not, folks. Waste not, want not.
Check out the neat wooden box I got at a yard sale for $3.00

It's super heavy and so neat. I know it's for jewelry, but I am going to put something even more awesome in it. Lego mini figures.

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