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Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes/ 5 Random Thoughts

I know it has been a while for this on the blog. I have definitely been MIA. With Michael being gone my focus has been less on the blog and more on keeping the children alive. Now that he has returned I can branch out my activities a little.
James gets his cast off today! We are all so excited.
Summer time is a time for projects and I had the genius idea to paint Margaret's room. By myself. While Michael was away. I would say that I am 95% done, and that probably means that is as far as I am going to get. The walls are two different shades of purple (although you really can't tell), I repainted half of the red bunk bed, and she got new curtains and a new bedspread. I'll post photos soon.
After being on the waitlist for 10 months, Henry was finally able to get into speech therapy. We had a few sessions before summer break. He has homework, which I should probably be making him do. Crud!
We had an adoption opportunity this past week which I really had a good feeling about. I really thought this was the one. We made it to the "final round" if you can even call it that, and then we weren't chosen. Bummer.
A Facebook friend adopted seven kids yesterday. She had already had them for months, and yesterday it was official. They range in age from 3 to maybe 12. With Malcolm getting older (and me getting older!), maybe I should look more into this option. Not seven, but a "ready-to-play" two year old.
Had a nice treat yesterday when I got to see some family from Oregon! I haven't seen my aunt, uncle, or cousin in about four years. It was a great visit and only made me a little homesick.
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