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Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes/ 5 Random

I hate potty-training. I love the end result of course, but I hate that my house smells randomly of urine and that there is always laundry.
Actually, there is always laundry anyways, but now the laundry is wet and smells of urine.
There's something to be said of waiting to potty-train. Malcolm is basically training himself. That is, when Michael is home. Malcolm has zero accidents with Michael. With me he only has accidents.
Not exactly true as yesterday he did go once on the potty for me. Once on the potty and a half-dozen accidents. And the one non-accident was the result of an M&M/movie/money bribe. I call it the 'Four M' bribe.
We are starting our summer read-a-louds this week. I hope. We'll see how the rest of the week pans out. I got the books out and set them on the table. We are starting with 'Little House in the Big Woods,' and we are going to restart 'The Mark of Athena.'
I am totally amazed, but not really surprised, that in some levels we are actually going to a waitlist at LMCA! That's right, as of today, Grade 7 is officially a waitlist. Yeah Us!
We still have a few spots in the other levels, and some teaching spots if you want an incredible discount. Check out our great website and get ready to attend the Open House on May 30.
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