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Friday, April 18, 2014

Product Review: Iesodo DVD Productions

Believe EpisodeLove EpisodeFaith Episode
We don't watch a lot of movies around here, and the kids rarely sit down and watch the same movie as an entire family. There are many reasons for this, but one of the reason is that there is such a large span of ages in my house that it is hard to find a movie that would interest both a twelve-year old and a three-year old. When I was contacted about receiving a new faith-based DVD series for free in exchange for an honest review on this blog, I thought I would give it a try to see if it was one of those movies that could be a family fun flick.
Iesodo is pronounced "Ya-Sa-Do" and means "the way of Jesus." This series tells the story of Jesus using animated animals, mainly birds. Animated birds were made popular with my kids recently in a blockbuster hit viewed in my brother's home theater. That and the fact that there were many well-known people voicing the birds sparked my interest as well.
I received two DVD's to review: Love and Faith. Both are available at Walmart, Amazon, and Christian retail stores for around $14.99. At the time of this blog post, amazon is offering them for between $7.50 and $9.49. 
The movies are very well-done and unlike other faith-based productions, they are not "in your face" with religious messages. Frequent readers of this blog remember that I am not one to promote products that are "over the top" with messages of God's love and salvation for us. These movies aren't like that at all. They are the perfect mix of religious message, and fun family humor. Interested in viewing a movie trailer? Click here to see one.
The animation is incredible and that mixed with the humor and wholesome message won approval for these movies for my kids. There are so many little details that just add so much depth to the movie. Each main bird is a significant type and has an important background. For example, one bird named Barry is a Hoopoe, the national bird of Israel and is all about tradition. You can read about all the main bird characters here.
Overall, I thought that these movies are a definite positive addition to our movie library, especially for the younger kids. James and Isaac (ages 12 and 10 respectively) enjoyed the movies, but I really don't see them asking to watch these again. The are at an age where they are less interested in animated movies and would rather watch a sports event or read. Animated movies just don't spark and keep their interest the way they do with the younger ones. Henry (age eight) laughed so hard I would be surprised if he doesn't re-watch the movies on our next car trip. Margaret (age six) LOVED the girl birds (are you really that surprised), so I know she'll be re-watching them. And just yesterday when we mentioned watching a movie Malcolm (three) got all excited and assumed we were watching these again.
It doesn't so much matter to me that the younger kids want to re-watch them because of the humor, the pretty girl birds, or just because they are movie junkies and will literally watch anything. Kids imitate what they view, and it's just fine with me if they are imitating the values of kindness, charity, and friendship they see in these DVDs. So much better than some of the values other "kids" movies portray.
Disclaimer: I received two free IESODO DVDs in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation.

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