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Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes 5 Random Thoughts

This post is totally devoted to me bragging on LMCA. So if you aren't interested then just go ahead and "X" out right now.
That also goes for folks who have negative things to say about LMCA. You don't need to read any further. Because, hey. NO ONE ASKED YOU!
Open House last night was a HUGE success! We had three new students register right then and there. We had 23 students this year, and we already have 28 students registered for next year. And it is only APRIL!!!! Some classes are almost full and I am certain will go to a waitlist.
I am so excited about the course material for next year. Everything looks so amazing. It is the kind of education I wish I could have had as a kid. I am just so thrilled my kids get to study this stuff.
Not only do we have almost every family returning in some capacity, we have some incredible new families joining our program. Even though I have just met most of these moms, when we get to talking it is like we have been friends for years. Homeschooling binds you with other families in a unique way.
We still have teaching spots available in math and writing. It's a great way to get a nice discount and also become more involved with the incredible gals running this show.
Seriously though, if you are homeschooling in our area and you haven't checked us out yet, don't waste anymore time because you might miss your chance.
Laurel Mountain Classical Academy

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Erika Ahern said...

I'm SOSOSO excited for LMCA!!!! Congrats to you and Michael and all the hard-working parents and kids.