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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


J&J Snack Foods Corp has a new pretzel snack that your family is sure to enjoy. These bite-sized pretzel snacks are stuffed with cheese and come in three different flavors: Buffalo, Cheddar, and Nacho. I was given these three kinds to enjoy for free in exchange for an honest review on this blog.
We have reviewed pretzel products from J&J Snack Foods before and really enjoyed their baked goods. Since the pretzels are prebaked, they are easy to heat in the microwave or the oven. In both cases the snacks come out quickly and are ready to eat. The prebaking helps to keep them looking nice as well. This is especially important at my house where the visual appearance is almost as important as the taste. If the item doesn't look good, my kids won't be willing to try it.
What makes the Softstix different from other soft pretzels is that the cheese is baked inside. Remember those large pretzels that you get at fairs and roller rinks? Imagine a mini-version of those, but with the cheese inside instead of in a cup for dipping.
The bite-size portion of this treat makes it the perfect snack for parties, movie nights, after-school eats, and sports games. The fact that the cheese is inside makes it a non-messy alternative for an "on-the-go" treat.
My kids definitely enjoyed these snacks. The Buffalo had a little bit of a kick to it, so it wasn't as popular with the younger kids as the other flavors. Overall I would say Cheddar Cheese was the favorite, probably because it is a flavor they are most impressed with.
Henry has a dairy-sensitivity and I was cautious about him eating these since we never know what can cause him a reaction. I am happy to say that he enjoyed a snack on the Cheddar flavor and had no ill-effects! It's always great to find a quick snack that his tummy can handle.
Oh, yeah, I thought these were pretty good. Probably the best pretzels we've reviewed.

I thought these were pretty good!

Margaret: I liked the ones that aren't spicy.
Malcolm: I like pretzels!
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April is National Pretzel Month! In honor of this I will be giving one reader a coupon for a free box of SUPERPRETZEL. Simply leave a comment telling me what kind you would get with your free coupon. Remember to look in the frozen food section to find SUPERPRETZEL products.
Disclaimer: I received the above-named products free of charge in exchange for an honest review on this blog. I received no other compensation.

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