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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great Homeschool Convention 2014

Great Homeschool Conventions
Two years ago I went to my first Great Homeschool Convention and had an absolute blast. The speakers were inspirational, there were vendors galore, and I spent the fours days laughing and making memories with some really great friends.
This year we decided to spice things up a bit and drive to South Carolina for the convention there. The one closer to us was at Easter and that time didn't work for several of us. So we made the arrangements and drove to where the sun was.
The convention itself was a big disappointment. The speakers were mediocre at best and there were distracting kids and crying babies in almost every talk. I love kids, but this was ridiculous! It was such a letdown because I learned so much from the last convention and this time I felt like all I was hearing were sales pitches for products I didn't want. That was when I could hear at all over kids whining about being bored or babies crying to be nursed. There were about 100 less vendors than usual, but I did find a couple new products that I am excited to try out at home and at LMCA. Sometimes limited selection is good, but there were products I already knew I needed that weren't available.
Greenville was a fun town. There were tons of great places to eat, grab a beer, and just people watch. We went out at night and the town was bursting with activity. And the glorious sun was shining almost the entire time! Oh the joy! Not only that, but it was in the 70s! Happy Day! Happy Day!
Overall, I still recommend the GHC, but be sure that  the speakers you want to hear go to the one you're attending. It's hard because the lists aren't finalized in time for the Early Bird Discount, which is what we wanted to get. We won't be returning to South Carolina, but we'll probably hit the one in Ohio again next year. April 9-11, 2015, if I am not mistaken.
Here's a little treat to end the post. Taken from the spot we stopped for in Virginia for lunch:

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