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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Getting Through the Busyness

Like many things in life, there seems to be a season for my blog. A time frame where I am often able to share little bits and pieces of my life with five children and hubby. A time where I am aware of friends and family who look to this blog to keep in touch or remain close to us when we are far away.
I write blog posts in my head all the time. An experience I want to share, a thought from a friend, a photo here and there. When I sit down to post about them, either my mind goes blank or I am forced to spend my time answering emails about a million different things. My mind swims and by the time I am finished I want to leave the computer. Funny how I can't remember the topic of a single email I just spent an hour answering. Hmm.
LMCA is changing hands and that increases my workload a bit. It is also time to start advertising and registering families for next year. We got a fancy new sign outside of the building. I'll have to post a photo of it.
The weather is now starting to brighten which has improved every one's mood around here except Malcolm's; he is more grumpy than ever. It's almost his birthday and so we are giving him another couple weeks to be a complete nightmare before we have a big talk with him that enough is enough! Time to quit acting like a jerk and start communicating in a voice that isn't a scream. Every since we saw the LEGO movie he'll say, "Yeah. That's AWESOME!" to things he likes. 75% of the time he is upset about something and will say, "That's not awesome!"
Margaret is the most delightful six year old I have ever known. She recently received her first real ring, which she wears to remind herself not to suck her thumb. It's a big job, but she's up to the challenge. She's also reading now, which is pretty cool. I hear her reading to her LEGO mini figures and it just make me so happy. Man, she's a knockout!
Henry almost has full front teeth which means we can get back on the waiting list to work on his lisp. It's cute when he's eight, but not when he's twelve. He's the most agreeable kid and is always up for an adventure. His hair is so long right now you can't even see his eyes. Good thing Mema comes next week because these kids are all due for a haircut!
Isaac is still loving school and always has fun things to share. I love how much he is willing to help cook or create something or help his younger siblings. School has really matured him. He is no longer "the middle boy." He is just independent awesome Isaac. Who just so happens to play a mean trombone.
James finally got the horrid mouth piece out and can talk like a regular person again and eat normally. I am so happy we got it out before soccer started (which is two weeks from tomorrow). James and I stay up later than the other people around here to read and watch Duck Dynasty. I love that show. Did I mention that James goes to dances now? When did this happen?!? Every month this ballroom hosts a dance on Saturday night and he goes with about a dozen friends. Without mom or dad there!!! He has a good time and does indeed dance with girls. He also comes home with his pockets filled with candy, so I know I haven't completely lost my little guy yet.
Michael and I just finished the fourth season of Downton. Not a moment too soon as it is no longer free on after today. I adore that show, and I am sad that this season turned out to be too mature to watch with James. It was something the three of us did together, but the themes in season 4 were a little too mature. Still an amazing show.
Speaking of shows, Michael and I went to a concert with friends last weekend in Pittsburgh. We saw Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers. It was a great show, even though I was sick. I think two things about concerts now: #1 I will never be too old to attend a good concert. #2 You never know when the concert you are at will be your last concert, so you better get up and DANCE!
I like blogging. I'll have to remember that next time I am feeling like my blog is neglected.

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