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Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes/ Random 5

Winter has been a long one around here. I believe long winters exist so that I remain a confident driver. Last year we barely got any snow. When it was snow flurries I would be like, "Oh, we have to cancel! Look at it come down out there!" This year it's all about, "Well, how much ice is there? Oh, we can still make it for sure."
We are finally thawing out, but apparently not for long. Tuesday is supposed to bring more snow. I am hoping between now and then my snow parking barriers will have melted.
For those that don't know, we only have street parking here. Well, we can park in the alley, but that is a whole other world because they never plow the alleys and the ruts are so deep in the snow I think the car might bottom out.
Anyways, the snow has gotten so piled up on the street that there were actually snow walls separating everyone's cars. They were about three feet high and the van must be wiggled into it's spot every time! It was fun at first, but after about a month got kind of old.
Classic school crisis this week. For two weeks Isaac has had this project in science. I keep asking him and he keeps telling me that they are doing it in class. Well on Monday night he tells me he got confused and it is supposed to be done at home and it is due Thursday. It was a diorama of an animal habitat for the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. Sigh. At least he didn't choose some sort of gross spider.
Even with limited time Isaac was still able to do an awesome job. He is such a creative kid.
Yes, that snake is eating the bunny.

Cute Malcolm moment. He wanted to play a game from the game closet. So I got Chutes and Ladders down for him. He couldn't say "Chutes" so he called it "Toots and Ladders." It was so darn cute we found ways for him to say it for about 20 minutes until he caught on and tried to pronounce it correctly.
Someone posted on Facebook that she felt like she needed a 'do-over' for this week. Things would not be pleasant if I had to do this week over. Not that it was bad, but between the weather and all the other little commitments we had to fill the days, a do-over would only leave me feeling even more stretched thin! Come on spring! Come on March!
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