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Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes and 5 Random Thoughts

Malcolm and I were discussing the upcoming event of him using the potty. His response was as follows: "No! I don't want to do that! I no have enouff money for that. Maybe for my birffday I will do that."
Came across this amazing adoption video and had to share the link. It is seven minutes long but worth every second.
So of course today is Valentine's Day. Michael and I are celebrating by bribing the kids with a movie and eating a dinner at home. It's our annual tradition and we love it.


Speaking of Valentine's Day, having a kid in school means I get to do all the "official" school things that the stores promote items for. Like the teacher sent a note home for Valentine's Day and if we want to participate then each student must have the same thing, blah, blah. We are having a blast with this sort of conformity, but my main thought is that things get expensive fast when it is all "times 20."


So on top of classroom conformity, we were invited to our annual V-Day homeschool celebration, which may or may not go because of weather. So last night was a "Mega Prepare for Valentine's Day" event. But know what? It turned out to be the best time I've had in a while.


Michael was at campus until late, which usually sucks, but this time it didn't. The six of us sat around the table and made Valentine's. Not handmade. I mean we filled in the blanks in a store-bought Star Wars Card. After we completes the 50+ cards, we had a taste test with the mini-bars.

Everyone was laughing and joking and smiling and chatting. It was the type of experience I signed up for when I said I wanted a large family. It may only come once in a while, but it was worth the wait.

Oh, and Margie organized the chocolates for us.
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Nikki said...

Isn't it great when they all work together and you can have such a relaxing time together. I love those moments.