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Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick and 5 Random

So we are expecting some sort of monster storm later this weekend with a foot or more of snow and ice possible. Yeah, there's absolutely nothing to say about that.
We have been so fortunate this winter health-wise, but this week illness struck both Michael and I. Not the flu, but really bad colds. The kind where you are just in bed or wishing you are in bed. And although we are both feeling a ton better, this is the cold that will just not let go.
Which is made worse by the fact that we have tickets to The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show tomorrow night in Pittsburgh. Must. Get. Better. Now.
We had our final Blue and Gold Banquet this week. I say final because Cub Scouts has become more of a burden to our schedule than a blessings and we have decided not to continue with it. The boys like it okay, but it's not a prerequisite if they decide to join Boy Scouts, and between soccer, LMCA, Isaac's school stuff and everyday life we just had to let some stuff go. It's the great lesson of the year for me: Learning when enough is enough.
Isaac was awarded a trophy for best design for his Pinewood Derby Sailboat.

And although our awesome cake made by the boys of Adventurers Climbing up a Volcano didn't win any prizes, it was still an awesome display.
Lastly, I will leave you with a link to a site that has consumed me over the last several months. The new LMCA website. Designed by a local Dad, this site has a lot of little typos and is definitely a work in progress, but has turned out beautifully! Click the link below to view:
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Miranda Hupp said...

I think everyone is tired of snow. Usually I am not one to complain about the weather but I am now! I'm done with it. I need to get my hands dirty and play in my garden!