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Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Day Link Up

I am trying a little something new which hopefully I can hold to for the blog. Every first day of the month I will take photos of our day and post them here for you to enjoy. Then you can head over to Journey to Josie to enjoy other First Day photos.
12:01 am

The entire afternoon was spent playing this. No exaggeration.

Around dinner time. He has set up a store.

Waiting patiently for dinner.

Love the shirt!

First dinner of the year!


Cristi said...

I can't believe that your little ones made it until midnight. My big kids were out at a church event, but my little one (almost 8) and I were both asleep long before the new year.

Nicole said...

Impressive! I fell asleep super early but woke up to fireworks at midnight! Thanks for linking up!