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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brick Build Month 1

Each month some local families are working on themed LEGO creations to share. This month the theme was 'Winter." There are lots of kids participating and they range in age from 5 to 15.
By Miranda (3 photos):
4 kids are having a snowball fight as mom and dad are coming out with cups of hot coffee to call them in.

The 4 kids are behind their snow forts...oh no!  Duck!

Mom and Dad are coming out to call them's cold out here, glad we have our coffee!
By Anthony (1 photo):
Snowball fight with Wampa
By Stephen
By Wesley (2 photos):
Battle of Winter Creatures

By Margaret (2 photos):
A Christmas Party. People are dancing, talking, and children are playing.

By Ryan
By Joseph
A horse-drawn sleigh.
By Henry (2 photos)
Snowball fight beside a cabin ready for Christmas. Little Boy wrapping present inside.

By Annie and Maddie
By Jessica and Connor

By Megan, Madison, McKenna, and Michael (3 Photos):
Fathers chatting while children play in the park.

 Be sure to check back next month for more unique and themed LEGO creations.

Next posting will be February 27!

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