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Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes, 5 Random

This weekend Michael and I are going to our first-ever Cash Bash. This concept has puzzled us for many years, but now we are officially going to go bash-some-cash!
I gather it is just a ridiculous name to raise some funds: purchase expensive meal ticket, receive food and drink, bid on silent auction items, raffles are held. We reserved a table with a bunch of folks we know, so it should be fun.
The tickets to this thing were not cheap. It is, after all, a fundraiser. But we are happy to support Isaac's school and to have a night out without kids.
One more thing and then I will move on... one way this thing really sticks it to you is that they had the kids create some kind of art project that they are auctioning off. So not only did I spend $40 on a "dinner out" with my husband, but now I have to go buy some art work my own kid created because like hell he will be the only one there whose work doesn't get purchased.
But again, it all goes to the school and I am happy to support it. Grumble, grumble.
So glad we don't live in Atlanta anymore. I mean, that's not entirely true. We LOVED living there and all the amazing friends we had. So glad we didn't live there this week. It looked awful and some of the stories on Facebook from friends still there were terrible. We had a lot of snow and ice and cold this week, but we also have the infrastructure in place to get through it.
Speaking of which, Isaac's school cancelled twice this week. Twice! Goodbye Spring Break. You were the light at the end of this winter tunnel. Maybe we'll see you in June when summer break comes.
I totally get it. I mean you can't have kids waiting for the bus when it is negative 4 outside. Or can you? What do they do in Canada, or Minnesota for that matter? Do they cancel all of Jan and Feb for cold weather? I enjoy having him home, obviously. But I also enjoy him having breaks where we can travel and visit the farm.
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Martha said...

I grew up in Minnesota and I honestly only remember one day when we started later. I certainly remember standing out in the cold waiting for the bus and going outside for recess. It just took longer to bundle up before going outside.

Brittney said...

I'm originally from Atlanta too, but my family is still there. That was some crazy weather!

Tess said...

I grew up in Minnesota and I don't remember the schools closing for -4 but I do remember them closing when windchills were -50 or worse. I think though it's because in MN you've got the gear and the knowledge to bundle up. Here where we live the schools would close at -4 because we just don't use hats, gloves, scarves, boots and parkas.