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Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick and 5 Random Takes

Last Saturday Michael had his reunion dinner for the summer program he runs every summer. It is always a fun event for him and reminded me that it is almost time to recruit for the program. If you are in contact with high school kids (youth group, homeschooling, sports, etc.) and would like some brochures to share, please let me know.
Sunday we went to brunch at the house of some friends who also have five kids. It was such an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday. The gal made a potato casserole dish that was to die for! I ate so much of it that I literally felt sick later.
Monday was our real day to "get back into things." Michael started back to class, Malcolm went to the sitter, and we started our second week of LMCA's second quarter. It's been harder for us to get back into routine and the right thing to do was make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and split a bottle of wine with my husband. Comfort food at its finest.
Wednesday was Henry's birthday party. We rented out the roller skating rink with two other families. It was a lot of fun. I got some photos and will have to post them soon.
I just can not kick this bad cold I have. It's not the coughing, runny nose cold. It is more like the sore throat, feeling run down cold. I've had it a week now. Thankfully James is old enough to handle things so on Thursday morning when I had to stay in bed until noon, Michael still went to work and James helped the younger kids with school work and kept them entertained until I felt like I might survive outside of bed.
So I am working with the website designer and he is designing the website for LMCA. He is unbelievable! Not only is the website going to look amazing, but he doesn't seem bothered in the slightest by my requests and all. Even when I request something on Monday and do a complete 180 on Wednesday for the same thing. This man is a Saint!
More and more I am regretting my decision to shop at Target after Thanksgiving. I don't get out there very often because it is not close to us. But I did shop there once after Thanksgiving and ended up returning my purchase because I found a better price online.
I adore Target, and it doesn't appear as though my info was hacked. But everyday there are new levels to the breach and my credit card company issued me a new card as a precaution, and now Target is emailing me advices I get credit monitoring on their dime.
I have a friend with four kids and the holidays see them getting iPad-mini's and flat screen TV's. Know what? She doesn't charge a single dime for any of it. Pays cash for the whole Christmas haul. I might have to start following her example.
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