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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hustle and Bustle of This Life

Does it ever really slow down? I found myself contemplating this as I drove in silence to my sewing group. I am rarely in the car alone, and when I am I crave the silence that it brings. I had just promised a mom we'd get our boys together to play after the holidays when things slowed down. But does that really ever happen?
My Mama keeps telling me how she remembers her 30s only as a blur. When I turned 30 she told me how great it would be. You're older and more confident than in your 20s. Most likely you are more financially stable. If you started having kids early, like I did, then the kids are getting older and although it is still a lot of work, it is a different type of work. Less busy work and more fun-time work. What she didn't mention until later is how fast everything seems to go.
We have already completed half of our required homeschooling days for the school year. Usually at this point I am wondering how I am going to survive the second half of the school year. This time, however, I stare at the numbers in disbelief. Half? Really? But it seems like we've only just begun!
Margaret is reading and Malcolm is talking. It seems like I waited for both of these things, and now that they are here I am like, "Whoa! When did this happen?" We are already looking to summer to book holidays and plan schedules. Because before you know it, bikes will replace sleds and we'll be complaining about the heat instead of the freeze. In general things are going faster. All I can do is hop on and enjoy the ride.
I recently reconnected with someone special. For a long time I had been curious about this person and wondering what sorts of changes life had brought their way. Then out of the blue we got connected and wow oh wow we already have six months of communication under our belts again.
And it was the most recent email that truly showed me what a gift time for a friend is right now. The email was full of apologies for a delayed response. Something always came up and real life took over. But this friend still made time to type out the email. Just for me. They gave me a precious gift of time and in response my heart fills with love and understanding. Love for renewed friendships after long absences and understanding that although I can't slow this crazy life down, I can see beauty in this stage of life and appreciate the gifts others give to me. Even if that gift is as simple as the time it took to send an email.

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