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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Came Anyways

This year I was less than ready for Christmas. I really felt as though I had less time. Lots of other folks share my view. Although Christmas falls on the same day every. single. year., it was as though it came sooner this year. And know what? I wasn't ready.
Although I started receiving Christmas cards before Thanksgiving, I barely got mine out and I still have a stack to send. Cards for the sick and shut-ins? Christmas does last 12 days, right? And despite this, Christmas came anyways.
I didn't get all my gifts mailed in time to have them delivered by Christmas Eve. Fifty-five dollars to get it there on time or $13.38 for after Christmas delivery? It's the thought that counts, right? And maybe they'll appreciate it more when it's the only thing to open that day. Despite this, Christmas came anyways.
I didn't even finish purchasing stocking stuffers until December 24. Everything was pretty picked over but that just made the choices easier. Even if I hadn't gotten them, Christmas would have come all the same.
I also didn't shop for Christmas dinner food until Christmas Eve. This is something a little weird about my family: They have to eat every day. And I mean every. single. day. Buy food and know what happens to it? They eat it! It doesn't matter if it was for Christmas or dinner for the President. If it is food and it is in this house then they will eat it. So I kind of had to wait to Christmas Eve. But it was just one more thing on the list. And even though my list was no where near complete, Christmas came all the same.
I had scheduled obligations up until Christmas Eve, leaving very little time to decorate or mentally prepare myself and my family. But time has a way of moving forward, and despite my need for a few extra hours, Christmas came as scheduled on December 25.
Facebook was filled with some folks complaining about how commercial Christmas has become and others complaining about how religious people are being so dumb and some complaining about meeting up with family and a very few just quietly signing off to enjoy their reasons for Christmas. Whether they be family, or friends, or spiritual beliefs, or something else, Christmas came for them as well, just as it came for you.

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