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Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Okay, so although I paid my credit card bill in full on the day it was due, I paid after 6:58pm CST which meant it posted the next day resulting in a late fee and an interest card. I called, but all they are willing to do for me is set me up with automatic bill pay. They won't waive it and they are very unsympathic to my situation.
I won't do automatic bill pay for credit cards because unlike other bills, a credit card requires constant monitoring to make sure that charges are correct. Also, I want to know if I am spending $500 + a month on amazon because that kind of stuff has to stop! By not having to check the statement every month I would lose touch with my spending habits.
The whole thing seems a little dishonest and is very maddening.  I pay in full every month. We do not carry a balance on credit cards- ever. I have had this card since 1998. It is the only card I carry besides a debit card. To be fair to the card company, it is written in their terms and conditions, but really, they update that sucker so often I can't keep it all straight.
I wonder if in the future I will receive one of those notices about a lawsuit against this sort of thing and I will get a check to cover my late fee and interest charges. Because regardless of the policy, when it says DUE DECEMBER FIRST, to me that means December 1 until 11:59pm. Not December 1 until 6:58pm CST.


Give my husband a hammer and he will construct a closet system.

We are using repurposed materials whenever we can. The doors were salvaged from a home, and whatever materials we can reuse from the previous closets we are using. It makes us feel all tingly to be green.
I have tons of blog posts to write over the weekend so I better get cracking!
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Unknown said...

I say keep trying with your cc company. But, I have noticed they are not as quick to reverse a late fee these days. Yikes, does that reveal something about me?? Well, it does happen sometimes! Anyway, try again like this: "...As you can see, I have been using this card since 1998, and I have always been served well and would hate to cancel. Since my balance was paid in full several hours after the cutoff, an oversight on my part, I was wondering if, as a one time courtesy, you would be able to remove the late fee from my account." And if the answer is No, then kindly ask if there is a supervisor you can speak with, and say it all again. I have rarely had to eat a fee when doing this. BTW, good transition from fees to closets; way to get your mind off things:)