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Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I feel like this month is flying by! Thanksgiving is in two weeks and then it's practically December!
We are remodeling the sewing/office/clothing room. Michael is going to start after I take the kids to Georgia next week. I have spent the last several weeks "moving out" of that room. Not easy when it was filled to capacity!
Unlike decorating the rest of the house, this room is totally mine to outfit in any way I choose. I have all sorts of ideas. One whole wall will be our closet system with dressers and storage. But the rest of the space is mine!
It still needs to be practical and usable. I will use it for sewing, and it will still be our office as well. I am thinking a retractable sewing/cutting table that folds into the wall, and storing my machines and sewing supplies in a cabinet over my clothes. My fabric will still be stored in the gem of a kitchen cabinet my mother in law found at an antique store.
I will probably spray paint the filing cabinet, and get a new desk. Our current desk was some curbside trash we scored a few years ago. Very usable, but also very college dorm-like.
The floor right now is splintered wood, which we have covered with a mismatch of rugs and chair sliding mats. You can still get splinters if you step on the wood. I am thinking a very short carpet. Something I can still find my pins in.
Of course Michael is only starting the project while I am away. Between LMCA, SVC, kids, sports, and everyday life, it'll probably take several months to complete. Enjoy these before photos and send any suggestions my way!

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What an exciting project! I think it would be so useful to have all the clothing in one closet/room, esp. if it is near the washing machines.