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Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I was totally going to skip Quick Takes this week, but when I saw that Cari was hosting I got my rear in gear so that I wouldn't let one of my favorite bloggers down!
That's right. If you've never been to the Clan Donaldson Blog before you're really missing it. That is some funny, funny blogging.
She wrote a book which you can get on amazon and looks so, so funny. I'll let you know what I think of it soon.
I am enduring my yearly stress of having to get Halloween costumes for five kids ready a full SIX days before Halloween because here is AWESOME Western PA we don't follow traditional calendars. We are way too awesome for that and decide when and if we will follow holiday. Trick or Treating is tomorrow from 4 to 6pm.
There is some kind of warning about drinking the water and we are trying to decide to if we are affected or not. So to be safe I have decided to only consume beer from now until Tuesday, when they said the problem would be fixed. And we won't be bathing either.
One of those statements isn't entirely true. If you know me at all you won't be able to tell which one it is.
Check out more Quick Takes at the Awesome Clan Donaldson.

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