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Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes

So James got a rapid palatal expander this week and it's been kind of rough. For one thing, the kid can't eat. Everyone and everything I read says it'll take about a week, but what's he supposed to eat in the meantime? We've tried loads of stuff and it is getting a little better. At the time of this post we are on Day 3. I think his gag reflex just needs to calm down and it'll be better. That's what I keep telling myself at least.
The thing looks like a huge metal spider sitting on the top of this mouth. It's in there for the next six months.
The worse thing about the whole situation besides the fact the kid can't eat, is that I won't hear his beautiful voice for six months. It 's not that he can't talk, but the slurred, lispy drawl that comes out of his mouth is not what I am used to.
If I had known he was going to lose that beautiful voice I would have had more conversations with him last weekend before it was installed.
Isaac gets the award around here for messiest uniform shirt:
The kids are starting a read-a-thon to raise money for the LMCA science program. Pledging officially starts in November. Think about it you would like to support this awesome program that I have slaved over to help start. The money will go to support the science program. Margaret will be reading by the page, and the other two boys by the minute. Or you can just pledge a donation amount.
Speaking of LMCA and how awesome it is, we could really use an awesome person who wants to make a couple hundred bucks to design a web page for us. We've been quoted $1000 +, but we are really trying to stay much lower than that. The holidays are coming up and so if you know anyone or you are that anyone, please let me know.
Bonus! I need some help transferring a minecraft game with the data intact from one iPOD to another iPOD. Email me if you can help! And I've tried everything that you can google to do it, and nothing is working.
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Katherine T. Lauer said...

Poor James! It looks like a torture device!

RAnn said...

Poor darling. Hope that torture device does what it is supposed to do.