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Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

The weeks are just flying by for me! I can't believe we are coming up on our 8th week of LMCA. As always the program continues to be completely awesome. It has been a long time since I have regularly been so excited about something in my life. It's a great feeling!
Guess who made his first career soccer goal on Monday? 

I wish I had a photo of him in soccer gear, but you'll have to settle for one of him with an LMCA project instead. GOOAALLL! 
It was also the first time his team won this season, so it made it double as great. Final score: 2-0.


Here's Henry with the same project James is holding. We are studying Medieval History and they made Triptychs.

Speaking of Henry, he finally lost that second front tooth. But since his other tooth is already in he doesn't have that cute gap-tooth smile.
But he does still have that awful lisp. It's even worse now than before. And we are STILL on the waitlist for speech therapy. The therapist said she would call us when she got below 70 patients. 70!?!? She did say it would be best if he had lost both front teeth and they had already come back in before she evaluates him. At the time I thought that would never happen, but now we've been waiting so long it just might!
And because I don't want her left out, here is Margie making a Triptych.
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