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Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes

A fellow homeschooling mom got a cancer diagnosis over the phone while she was watching her boys at basketball practice. I know you can check that box that they can deliver news over the phone, but such serious news like, "You have cancer," seems like it shouldn't be a phone conversation.
Isaac took the classic school photo:
Speaking of photos, my friend Allison takes amazing photos. So amazing that they are featured on the blogs of famous movie stars. Click here to check out her photos on Tori Spelling's Blog!
Have these come to your house yet?
Little bands are everywhere, but I couldn't be more pleased with how they are turning out. If you're local I found discount band looms and bands at the WOW Outlet. Looms for $8.00 instead of $16.00 and bands for 99 cents a pack instead of $3.99.
So, after much discussion we have decided to let the kids read Harry Potter. With the understanding that I must read the books before they do. So I am almost done with number four and I. LOVE. THEM. They are completely awesome. There is so much depth and creativity to the story. All the reservations I had about them are proving to be unfounded.
I will totally admit that I was one of those parents that weren't letting their children read them based on what I had heard from other parents. I read the first book 10+ years ago, but I didn't remember it very well. I had a lot of ideas of why I wasn't letting my kids read the books, but I didn't have a strong argument because I hadn't read them myself.
Then Isaac started school at the neighborhood Catholic school and his whole classroom was Harry Potter themed. He was the only kid in the class that hadn't read any of the books. So Michael and I decided to give the books another look.
So far they aren't very different from the Percy Jackson Series or Kingdom Keepers or other series that we let the kids read before we checked into them. I mean, different stories, but very similar themes. I know I am only on Book 4 and I may decide the last three are too mature, but from now on I am keeping my mouth shut until I experience something for myself because I am definitely eating my words.
Gotta go read more Harry Potter homeschool these kids! Check out more Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.

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