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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Update

Sometimes real life takes over and I am unable to get to this blog. I always seem to be almost at my breaking point, but I always find that I am able to give that little something extra to get through. Then I realize that my life is lived on the breaking point, with no specific time more or less busy, hectic, or crazy than another. They are all just busy, hectic, and crazy in different ways.
So let's get to some pictures, shall we?
Soccer season is in full swing, with two kids on two different travel leagues. I don't think anything else has to be explained.
These pictures are from Isaac's game. I have only made it to one of James' game and I forgot the darn camera!

Both boys are really loving soccer. We were a little nervous because James got moved to a new team this season. He had played with the same boys for five seasons and so it was a bit of a shock to learn we were no longer with that soccer family. But he loves his new team and the boys and their families are so nice. It was a perfect change for him.
Isaac adores soccer as well and knows several boys from school and scouts and stuff. He is adjusting well to school and I think he has finally gotten into the swing of things. He talks about certain kids like they were friends and is doing well on all his schoolwork. Michael and I both agree that having a child in school is a THOUSAND times more work than just homeschooling. But hey, all we've ever known is homeschooling and it's all about what you know. This is an adventure for everyone!
Henry is just being Henry and loves attending LMCA. He says he enjoys the classes, but I think what he enjoys the most is recess when he can play with friend's Beyblades.

Even though we were all under the weather last week, I got some sewing done! From a costume worn at our neighborhood circus I got an idea for a cute skirt for Margaret and was able to make it in a few hours on a Wednesday.

She's gorgeous!
Malcolm is still the terror of the household. We love him most when he is like this
Sound asleep. But most of the time he's like this

Yeah, I just tore up this library book. What can I destroy now?
LMCA is going better than anyone could have thought. I don't know how I homeschooled all these years without it. Every aspect of educating my children is now better.
We are still waiting to be matched with a birth mother. It has now been seven months. I know that is not really that long, but it feels long. I hope a gal thinks us worthy to be the parents of her little girl soon. The waiting is agony!!!
That's it on my end!

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