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Monday, September 2, 2013

How we are doing and Weekend Recap

I should change the name of these to Weekly Recap as I hardly ever have a weekend worth a whole blog post.
So many folks are wondering how we are doing after such an eventful change-filled week. Well, we survived and are ready for September! All August I have been saying, "I just need this month to be over!" Well, it's over and I am ready to start fresh!
LMCA was a huge success. Not only did the class days go perfectly, but my kids attending it really like it. Computer science, literature, and writing are their favorite classes. No, I am not sad my class didn't make the list. I am thrilled that a class I can not teach (computer science) and a class my kids hated at home (writing) are in their top choices. Now, if I can only get these darn lesson plans done I will be able to breathe easier.
Isaac is adjusting to life at a brick and mortar school. He doesn't love it as much as I was hoping, but it is only the first week and so I know he needs more time to get used to it. I am trying to remember when I was "the new student" in seventh grade and how long it took me to like it. Tracy D., do you remember our early days at OES? I know I didn't love it at first, but after I got into the swing of things I adored it! I always liked school as a kid. I am hoping Isaac will begin to appreciate the awesomeness of his situation soon.
The other kids are still homeschooling three days a week when LMCA doesn't meet.
James is doing a 6th/7th grade curriculum. In addition to his LMCA school work he is doing Teaching Textbooks pre-algebra. This is our first year with Teaching Textbooks. So far I love it because I don't actually have to "teach" the math. James seems to be liking it as well. For grammar James is doing Growing with Grammar and Essentials in Writing. Both are excellent programs. He is still taking piano and doing Latin and Greek. I have the Art of Poetry program which we might pick up again this year. We are looking into a language program for him as well.
Henry is still doing A Beka for math. He is also completing assignments in Growing with Grammar and Essentials in Writing for grammar. He does Soaring with Spelling and I am looking for a handwriting program that might actually improve his script. All my boys have lousy handwriting. We have tried five different programs. It might be genetic. Latin, Greek, and piano are all part of his school day as well.
Margie is going PAL reading and writing for language arts. These are the programs we do at home as part of her LMCA program. She is also doing Logic of English and ABeCeDarian for extra phonics practice. LMCA does not have kindergarten and so she is behind the other students in the first grade classroom. "Doing school" is still a novelty for her so I thought we would take advantage of it as long as it lasts. A Beka for math for her. She is starting Song School Latin at LMCA and is now in piano lessons with her brothers. Boy, that is not a bill I want to think about!
Malcolm is as cute as ever. Good thing because he can be so. much. work. We are starting him on some new supplements to hopefully help his crankiness. I know diet has a lot to do with his behavior, but how do you convince a strong-willed two year old to each fruits and veggies? The more language he gets the better he behaves, but the more strong-willed he gets.
I am enjoying all the "new school year" posts with what folks are doing for subjects. I would love to read about yours if you leave me the blog address in the comment section.

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Martha said...

My daughter is also doing TT Pre-Algebra this year. She also likes it so far.

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