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Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I highly recommend Otter cases for your phone. Last night at soccer I put my phone on top of my car while I loaded up the gear. That was a mistake because I forgot it was there. Then I drove home (about 15 minutes) and parked out back on a slant. Michael then had a campus event at 9:00pm. He took the car and it wasn't until he returned that I realized I couldn't find my phone. Spent about 15 minutes looking before I found it on the roof of the car. The Otter case had gripped the car roof and the phone stayed up there the whole time. Whew!
If your mantel looks like this, then you probably have a homeschooler attending LMCA.
I really can't stress enough what a great program LMCA is turning out to be. I truly think it will be the reason I continue to homeschool these kids.
Would you look at how old this kid is looking?
How did this happen?!?!
He's getting a palate expander placed in his mouth over the next couple weeks. He'll have that for six months and then braces. Braces! What next? College? It goes too quickly!
Margaret has a cute little thing going on right now where she says the phrase "Good grief" instead of "Good thing." It is so cute. "Good grief we remembered to buy pasta for dinner." "Good grief it is not raining for the soccer game." "Good grief I found my other shoe in time for school." So cute and precious.  
Henry lost another tooth. It wasn't his top front one, and the other one is already in, so he'll never have that huge gap-tooth smile. Sigh. I love that smile.
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