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Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

A note to parents everywhere: That five minute catnap that your two-year old takes at 8:00pm will definitely give him energy to stay up past 10:00pm.
And yes, he will still wake up at seven.
But don't worry, by dinner time he'll have fallen asleep on the floor. Again.
Which of course means he'll be up past 10:00pm again that night. And up again at seven.
Another note to parents: That five minute catnap that was so cute at almost bedtime will negatively effect your life for FOUR. FULL. DAYS.
So when you notice that two-year old nodding off during bedtime story, and you know said two-year old does not sleep transfer well, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY. Get out the drum set and some popsicles and keep that baby awake until bedtime.
Your Friday self will thank your Monday self.
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