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Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Wanna talk about how Michael and I gave all five kids food poisoning last Friday night? Oh yeah. We made a wholesome, healthy, and poisoned dinner which they happily consumed. Michael and I went out to dinner with friends who are moving away for ten months. So just the kiddos ate the spoiled dinner.
Then just before two a.m. the vomiting started. And it went on. And on. And on. By the time Michael got up in the morning I had only gotten one hour of sleep.
It was almost comical. I would hear retching and I would run to the hallway and not know whether to go into the bedroom, or run upstairs.
The bonus is that on Saturday the kids were dead to the world. No one was sick any longer, but no one could function beyond laying on the couch or in bed. Let me tell you: I got a TON of stuff done.
People have been asking how this could have happened. Well, we leave for three weeks and we didn't throw out everything. Food does not keep forever people. If it is not a condiment then toss it out!
I know I have already done a post on this sweet van, but I have to show it again. I must have it. And if the owner of this amazing ride will sell it to me I promise to garage it all winter to protect it from the cruel PA salted roads that ruin all vehicles more than 15 years old. It will be well-loved and taken care of. And I will pay your asking price. As long as it is not more than our adoption.
Our current van is having some issues. I just think it likes to be in the mechanics garage when the weather is all humid and yucky.
These takes were pretty long this week.
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