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Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes

A big week of change was had by all around here. I am so happy that the homeschooling center we worked so hard to start is going so great.
I had forgotten how exhausting it is to teach other people's kids. Kudus to all you full time teachers out there. Thankfully I only have to do this two days a week.
It wouldn't be so tiring if I wasn't teaching so many difference things. We have yet to find a fulltime teacher for the first graders, so we are all taking a shift or two in that room. The additional prep for those classes is a little overwhelming.
Isaac is adjusting, but it is a big change for him and so it's going to take time.
I have never been as stressed as I was in August. There was just too much going on all at once. Michael planned a date night for us this week, and I was against it because of soccer, but we went anyways. So glad I did because he got us tickets to see Mumford & Sons. I LOVED IT!
Things did not go as smoothly as we were hoping. The soccer coach had said he would be late to practice and just to drop the boys off. Some parents had volunteered to stay until he arrived. We had the babysitter drop James off. I had turned my cell phone off at Michael's request so we could have an hour and a half without the ding of texts and whatnot. Well, practice was cancelled 30 minutes before it started and there were messages galore about coming to get my son. I was in a bit of a panic there for a while, but as it turned out quite a few boys were there and James never even knew anything was up.
Leaving the concert was also stressful. Traffic was at a standstill for TWO HOURS. We were three feet out of our parking space for two hours. No one was moving. We later learned that a big wreck had closed all lanes on the interstate. We should have been home at 12:30, instead it was closer to 3:00am. We're getting too old for these kinds of nights.
One more thing, from the condition of the people stumbling around after the show, I am not surprised there was a wreck. I just hope no one was hurt. C'mon people! Don't drive drunk!
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RAnn said...

Things will go more smoothly once you get in the groove.