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Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

It's good to be home!
Our trip back was similar to our trip there in that we got bumped from our flights to flights the next day, got hotel rooms and meal vouchers, and arrived home completely exhausted.
It could have been worse. I know that. But when you're living through it with five kids in tow it's hard to imagine it getting any worse.
Although it was not the airlines fault, they still gave us the vouchers. I think this at least partly had to do with the fact that the gal at the counter made a comment about our family size. Not an unkind one, but not exactly a positive one. She quickly added, "Oh, but it's great you have a big family. Big families are great." But she obviously did not feel this way and gave us hotel rooms and free food to make up for her slip of tongue.
We of course got the "Are they all yours?" comment. But we also received several compliments on how well-behaved and generally awesome the kids were.
Something about the Pacific Northwest is that large families are not as common as they are where we live. People who talked with us had already assumed to homeschooled and would ask what church we belonged to.
I did meet one awesome mama at Portland Saturday Market. She was pregnant with their sixth child and yes, she did homeschool. She had a booth selling the most awesome skirts. Funny thing is that she was from just North of Pittsburgh. So even when I meet the large family out west, a little bit of here is still connected.
Check out her website and tell her congrats. Baby #6 is due this month. And the skirts are really awesome and super comfortable: Shabby Knapsack
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