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Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

This is more of a review of our trip thus far.

It started with our family being moved to a different flight that didn't leave until 17 hours after we were originally scheduled to leave. With that and a five hour long layover we arrived almost 24 hours late.

The kids enjoyed the flights, well as much as any kid does anyways.

We settled into a short Portland routine and visited with as many folks as possible and watched a movie in my brother's new home theater. We also bought craft beer at Target. Who knew the treasures that awaited us!

Malcolm is enjoying himself by filling his onesies with toys he won't share and sleeping long hours again.

After two short days we headed north to check out my folk's new place. We were not disappointed! The smell of sea air, 90 foot trees, lots of land for the kids to run on, and a brand new house were there to welcome us. 

A little carnival fun for Sunday and we are already settling in. We'll spend the week here and the weekends in P-Town.

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