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Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

What are you reading? Have you read "Dad is Fat" ? I have been hearing about this book everywhere and hope to read it soon. Cari over at Clan Donaldson wrote a funny blurb about it. Click here to see what she has to say.
I have kind of a reading addiction and so I only allow myself the pleasure during school breaks and in the summer. Otherwise my children run wild and I forget that school work actually has to be done every day, or at least more than a few times a month.
Since summer break is officially half over (GASP!), I have several books lined up and plan to begin power reading soon. I need to coordinate this with the hubby because someone has to prepare meals and make sure the younger children have clothes on before playing outside. When I start a good book, I no longer exist in this world.
I recently finished reading Calling Me Home. Really a good book. Several stories going at the same time, and during the whole book I couldn't decide which story I was more emotionally involved in. Definitely recommend.
I love that we are a reading family. If I really have to get something done, I take the kids to library. When we return I am guaranteed at least an hour to myself. Double bonus is when I make the kids earn the trip to the library by cleaning before we leave.
So Michael and I were on a walk when a growling dog decided to chase us. Michael tried to grab the dog before he bit me (no one was hurt but he did get a hold of my skirt) and I screamed bloody murder under the owner came out. By this time we were well into the street and away from the house. The owner was very defensive and said the dog was only barking. He also didn't see the problem with letting his dog roam free at night. After all, he was only barking. That's what dogs do.
I already didn't care for most dogs and now I don't really care for the owners of said dogs.
Are you remembering to pray for my preggo friend? Nothing could be worse than repeated miscarriages, so please do whatever you do to send prayers and good thoughts her way. Baby news is always the best news!
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