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Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I am writing these Quick Takes more than a week early because I am on a little trip with the kiddos. Oh! The Shame! Of Not! Blogging! While Vacationing! I am guessing that I have already posted a bit about my trip and you already knew that we were vactioning, or at least suspected that there was no ocean water in Western PA.
This gal I knew in Atlanta wrote an AMAZING blog post on what it is like to try and turn thoughts into words after you have children. It was kind of a relief to read, actually, because I thought I was the only one who stubbles over the simplest of sentences. I just kind of figured I had a brain tumor or all that alcohol was finally taking a toll.
Click Here to head over to Socks on the Line and read what could have come from me, if I had been able to think clearly enough to write it.
My children have never believed in Santa Claus because Michael and I tell them right away that it is a lie. Yeah, I know. I've heard tons of pro-Santa arguments before. Save them for December.
Back to the point. So we are a no Santa family, but for some reason the kids believe in the tooth fairy. A jolly fat man is not real, but somehow a magical fairy that takes your teeth and leaves you cash really exists.
Problem is, Michael and I suck at being the tooth fairy. Tooth falls out and we make a huge deal about how awesome it is. Kid goes to bed, kid wakes up and tooth is there and there is no cash. Because we are tired by the time the kids go to bed. And we go to bed. And darn it if those kids don't wake up early every. single. day. So now not only do the kids believe in the tooth fairy, they believe this so-called fairy wants them to do a treasure hunt around the house. Child checks a variety of possible places where the rich fairy may have left the loot, while the "fairy" goes in the opposite direction to place the loot.
One child had the misfortune of counting their piggy bank the morning after a different child lost a tooth. The treasure hunt resulted in a find of $20!  Things were quickly corrected as the fairy doesn't leave more than 100 pennies.
Is this considered the half-way point of summer vacation? It feels like it just started!
Here's for Grammy as a thank you for the Feast Day puzzles from Henry:
I clearly need to give a few photography tips to some folks around here.
Do you notice that I do product reviews for The Old Schoolhouse? If you homeschool and write a blog and would like to receive cool curriculum in exchange for reviews written on your blog, please let me know. They will be accepting applications in the Fall and now is the time to make sure your blog meets the requirements.
I have a friend of several years who desperately wants a baby. Several pregnancies have not ended well and she just found out she is expecting again. Please, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. It would be so amazing to have this pregnancy go to term and the longing in her heart fulfilled.
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Susan said...

Ha---the ubiquitous tooth fairy! No one I know escapes the fairy and everyone I know sucks at it. There's something about having to creep into a kid's room after you are sure they are all asleep, that ain't happening when you are dead tired yourself.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I often cannot find the words and the children have started laughing at me about it.