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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's finally hot around here and we are all loving it!
Michael and I finally managed to get some work done on the garage and it looks awesome. It is so funny that we had to schedule "Clean the garage" on our calendar several weeks ago. At least it's done. Well, not completely, but at least I don't cringe when I enter the garage.
I love how much my boys love to cook. They totally get that from Michael. I encourage them as much as I can, and it usually pays off. Like on Friday when Isaac wanted to make a calzone for his lunch. I was already making dough and I just gave him a ball of it and let him at it.

Besides me giving him the dough and taking it in and out of the oven he made this completely on his own.
We set up the inflatable pools. They both have holes so every couple hours they would sag and water would run out. Someone would run around frantically looking for the air pump, which was always lost, in order to prevent some of the water from escaping. Then the neighbors set up their pool and ours was immediately abandoned and sadly sagged away.
Our deck gets incredible hot. So it was no surprise to me to come down to the kitchen and see this:
He is nothing if not resourceful.
Finally, there were late nights catching fireflies and hanging with our neighbors and friends. Always the best part of the summer. Oh! And let's not forget the Latrobe Pool.

And no, it's not all that hard to have kids this awesome.