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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sculpting Class

My neighbor and friend Allison and I are always really motivated at the beginning of the summer and we plan activities and clubs for the kids. Whether or not we follow through for the whole summer is really uncertain.
Last summer we decided to do a sculpting class with the kids. I had this great book that taught it, and we got almost all the supplies. Then we never did it. We decided to try again this summer and we had the first class last week.
It starts out really simple with having the kids sculpt a lemon and then an apple. The idea is to teach them technique on something easy to master. We have seven students in the class and four honorary students who are really just there to make a mess with the clay.
Since we had no expectations of how this was going to work out, we managed to get the class done fabulously! We made the kids follow two lessons and then we let them sculpt whatever they wanted. We would have done more lessons but we realized we needed wire in lesson 3 and so we have to wait. After we bake the creations they will paint them.

One of the official mess makers.

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